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 WACHITURRO(s) 18. Argentina is my country. singing. acting. dancing. musical theatre. Glee. Bones. Lie to me. TVD. N A T U R E. anime. chinese food. I ALSO LOVE KPOP :D CHECK MY KPOP BLOG IF YOU'RE KPOPER TOO ;D I read a lot too. I like it because when I read, I enter a world that is entirely mine, and I create it. I desconet from everything else. I love that feeling. Books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Pride and Prejudice... all kinds of them.
Guuuuys! Changed my theme, what do you think?
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  1. abiediarso answered: that’s awesome :D i want some more. can you help me?
  2. thatcambridgegirl answered: tis tres beautiful :) xx
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