laughing so hard because this is so accurate

it’s a pity nobody watches Black Sails it’s SUCH A GOOD SHOW

Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca, is visited by a ghost. The ghost tells him that once he reaches his home — once he slays his enemies and sets his house in order — he must do one more thing before he can rest. The ghost says he must take up an oar and walk inland, and keep walking until someone mistakes that oar for a shovel. For that would be a place where no man has ever been troubled by the sea, and that’s where he’d find peace.”

I want to talk about Mosiah.

"What about him?"

He’s dead. And before we rise above anything, I want to hear your cowardly fuck of a captain apologize for it.”

”[…] What if I were to remain with your crew? It makes sense: I forgo payment for the schedule in exchange for my share of the prize. You proceed with your plan; when the time comes for me to reveal the last piece, I will be right by your side. If what I tell you is in any way incorrect, well, you can do with me what you will.”

And when the Urca’s ours, what’s to stop me from killing you anyway?"

"Well, that’s a few weeks from now, isn’t it? We might be friends by then!"

"In the final moments of this week’s episode of Black Sails, there’s a very special song whose feature is pretty prominent: that song is an old sea shanty called “The Parson’s Farewell”. […] All the musicians and I got together before the show even started, and we just jammed through a bunch of pirate songs and sea shanties just to see what it felt like and to try to explore some sounds. The song stood out to me immediately: I could just tell it would have a role to play in the show.” (Bear McCreary) [x]

"Where is he?"

Says he wants to be the first one Flint sees when it’s done. Prize master’s in the tent.

"Will you be staying long?"

I have to get back.

God, I missed that look.


this was definitely my fav scene from tfios